Surti locho and ghari on your Thai holiday menu!

Surtilocho, khaman and ghari on a Pattaya beach? Sounds incredible, but two Surti entrepreneurs have made this reality, with their restaurant right on the beach at one of the worlds hottest tourist destinations, in Thailand.

The business has been so well received by international tourists and Gujarati tourists alike, that it expanded from a 130-seating capacity to 500 over four floors in a year. A club house, a hotel and cruise are also being added, all with Surti cuisine.

“We went to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe in search of a destination with lots of international tourists, apart from being a favorite with Indians and Surtis,” said Mafat Shiroya, who set up JG-7 company group in Thailand with his business partner Kamlesh Hirpara.

Full report here Times of India


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