Surat airport caught up in delays

SURAT: Surat people’s dream to fly to international destinations can be fulfilled provided Gujarat government acts positively.

Despite clear direction from Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), ministry of civil aviation and ministry of home affairs for taking over immigration functions at Surat airport, the state government is yet to act on it, reports The Times of India.

In the latest communication to Gujarat government, ministry of home affairs, Government of India (a copy of which is with TOI) has stated that the process of declaration of Surat airport as an authorized immigration check post would be initiated only on the receipt of positive response from the state government.

The central government has clearly directed that immigration functions at Surat airport be taken over by the state government. A reference has been given in a letter dated June 7, 2017, addressed to the principal secretary, home department, government of Gujarat, requesting to make arrangements for providing required manpower and other infrastructure necessary for carrying out immigration functions at the airport.

The letter further stated that the response in this regard is still awaited.


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