Stone-pelting hub to charm tourists


The 594m ropeway will ferry 275 passengers per hour

A ropeway will help attract more travellers to Hariparabat Fort, Badamwari Garden.

Epicentre of stone-pelting is all set to charm the tourists and pilgrims in restive Kashmir. Thanks to the new cable-car connecting the centuries-old shrine of revered Sufi saint Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom, the sensitive old city of Srinagar will come alive with tourists and pilgrims.

Constructed at a cost of Rs6.50 crore, the 594 meter ropeway will be able to ferry 275 passengers per hour in the old city.

Work on the rope way started in 2010, when azadi groundswell had swept Kashmir. Three years on the ropeway is ready to be dedicated to the nation.

Full report here DNA


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