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More steps needed to boost sightseeing in Kolhapur

KOLHAPUR: The city, which has important tourist attractions such as the Mahalaxmi temple, Kolhapur chappals and ‘thalims’ (wrestling training units), is in need of creation of tourism friendly environment, cooperation between government agencies, and strategic marketing to boost the tourism.

Kolhapur has transformed from the erstwhile capital of the Maratha kingdom to a modern tourist destination but it is still lagging behind in utilising the tourism potential fully, reports The Times of India.

Activist Uday Gaikwad said Kolhapur is lagging behind in marketing its tourism potential. “The marketing should be and outside state. We don’t have a tourism website. It should be developed. The Kolhapuri brands like chappals, jaggery and ornaments need to be reinvented at the state level.”

“Agricultural and traditional tourism should be promoted, besides using the biodiversity of the region to attract foreign tourists. Tourist should be informed about the local culture and local cuisine,” he said.

MLC Satej Patil said “The central government did not include Kolhapur city under its Heritage City and Augmentation Yojana. The development plan of Mahalaxmi temple is pending with the government. Development of airport is necessary for acceleration in tourism. The government should also provide attention to rail connectivity.

Tourism expert Prasad Kamat said: “We can take tourism to village level by adopting homestay system. The villagers will benefit from it.”


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