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Spring to the tiger’s defence


We are in such a mess in this country that to create a path to secure the future of wild tigers will be an enormous undertaking. This country is so deeply fractured, divided and unstable that good governance is turning into an impossible dream.

We seem to have sunk into a quagmire of chaos and corruption and little appears on the horizon to pull us out of it. In this political and bureaucratic nightmare, very few care about wild tigers. I do, since I have spent 38 years of my life serving them. Wild tigers are symbolic of the amazing forests of India that occupy 20% of the land mass. By keeping them alive we keep all the natural resources alive — be it the air we breathe or the water we drink. The following blueprint is necessary to save wild tigers. There are no short cuts.

We do not just have a plethora of confusing laws that are working at cross purposes, we have law makers and enforcers who abuse these laws. The illegal mining of natural resources has scarred our landscapes forever. We inherited the Indian Forest Act from the British which was created in the 19th century to exploit and plunder the natural resources of the country. It fed the British with vast supplies of timber and natural wealth and continued to feed the Republic of India, exploiting both wood and wildlife.

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