It happens only in India

Spot garbage in Goa? Send message to tourism dept


Now, you can do you part to keep Goa clean. If you spot any part of a place/beach littered with garbage, send a WhatsApp message to +91 7030 077 449 or +91 7030 088 669 along with the picture to the Goa tourism department. Also, name the place/beach where you spotted the garbage.

“It is the responsibility of the contractor to clear it within a maximum of 12 hours and update the sender,” said tourism director Ameya Abhyankar.

The sender has to mention his/her name and the location of the picture taken and the sender will also get feedback.

“The beach cleaning initiative is progressing well. We have a lot of dustbins and the work force—engaged by the contractors to ensure regular clearance of garbage generated and collected on the beach belt,” said Abhyankar while talking about the beach cleaning initiative.

The contractor has also started a website to further facilitate the ‘Clean Goan Beaches’ campaign. Here again, one can forward pictures on garbage, if spotted, anywhere on the beaches and the contractors have to comply within 12 hours and update the person. The website address is “We have already started getting responses via WhatsApp and contractors have started complying,” Abhyankar added.


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