Sithannavasal gets a Rs. 2-crore facelift

Sithannavasal, a tourism destination known for its Jain cave temple and paintings, has got a facelift – thanks to a slew of developmental works executed at the sprawling space outside the temple. The temple comes under the jurisdiction of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Tourism development programmes have been executed for the past four years in a phased manner with funds sanctioned by the Sithannavasal village panchayat, (Rs.55.64 lakh), general funds of the Annavasal panchayat union (Rs.77.65 lakh), Town and Country Planning department (Rs.13 lakh), Tourism department (Rs.59.86 lakh), and through the Viralimalai MLA Local Area Development Fund (Rs.16 lakh), according to sources.

Full report here Hindu


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