Singapore Airlines plans ‘premium economy’ class


Singapore Airlines, which started its commercial operations of the mega passenger aircraft, A 380, between Singapore and India last Friday — will introduce premium economy segment in this sector. These services are expected to start in about a year or so.

At present, SIA offers three class configuration in its A 380: economy, business and suites. The A 380 flight put to service in the India sector has 471 seats — 399 in economy, 60 in business and 12 in suites. Some of the economy segment seats are likely to be upgraded to provide premium economy services.

Globally, the company plans to start rolling out premium economy services in the second half of 2015. SIA has 19 A 380s in its fleet, all of which will be reconfigured to have a premium economy class of travel. Two of these have been deployed to India — one between Singapore-Delhi and another between Singapore-Mumbai. But, the exact time by which India will start having premium economy segment is not yet clear.


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