Sharp reduction in private jet flights across India


Call it the backlash against crony capitalism, but it appears that the avowedly business-friendly Narendra Modi government isn’t all that keen to offer its hospitality to corporate India.

One sign of this lies in the sharp reduction in private jet flights across the country. India Inc, many august members of which are ardent supporters of the current NDA dispensation, doesn’t seem to be making too many trips to New Delhi to pay respects.

Aircraft movements by private jets in June and July, soon after the Modi government was sworn in on May 26, fell more than 7% from the year earlier. General aviation charters are measured in terms of aircraft movements — two of them for every takeoff and landing. During the corresponding months in 2013, such movements jumped 28% and 21%, respectively, from the year earlier. During the same period in 2009, the first two months of the second UPA government, such movements had tellingly shot up 41% in June and 52% in July from the year before.

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