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Shand’s ‘heart was English, soul was Indian’

LONDON Conservationist, wild-life enthusiast and travel writer Mark Shand, who died from a fall in New York on Wednesday aged 62, had a lifelong love affair with India and its elephants, for whom he raised millions of pounds from celebrities to better their living conditions.

Brother of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, Shand first visited India in 1965 en route to Australia, when he was 14. He had been expelled from the Milton Abbey School for smoking cannabis and was sent to Australia by his father to learn some life lessons.

He stopped in India for an extended stay, and immediately fell in love with the country. When he returned in 1988, he rescued Tara, a female elephant he said he “fell in love with” on the streets of Bhubaneswar. He then rode Tara for about 600 miles across India, and later described his adventure in his prize-winning book, ‘Travels on My Elephant’.

Full report here Hindustan Times



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