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‘Very Severe’ cyclone ‘Ockhi’ to hit Lakshadwee, Kerala

DELHI: There is a very severe cyclonic storm warning for a storm called Ockhi  over Lakshadweep area and the adjoining Southeast Arabian Sea in effect. The storm, named Okchi, continued to move west-northwestwards with a speed of 15 kmph and intensified further into a “Very Severe Cyclonic Storm” category at 1430 hrs IST today.

The storm is expected to bring with it heavy rainfall along with Gale winds speed reaching 120-130 kmph gusting to 145 kmph over and around Lakshadweep Islands over the next 24 hours. They will gradually decrease thereafter. Also, squally wind speed reaching 45-55 kmph gusting to 65 kmph are very likely along & off Kerala during next 24 hours and along & off Karnataka coast during next 24 hours.

The Government has advised fishermen along & off Lakshadweep Islands to not venture into the sea during next 48 hours. Those in Kerala & Karnataka coast are advised not to venture into the sea along & off Kerala & Karnataka coast during next 48 hrs. Its said, “Sea conditions would be phenomenal over and around Lakshadweep Islands during next 24 hours and very high during subsequent 24 hours. Sea conditions would be high to very high along & off Kerala coast during next 24 hours and along & off Karnataka coast during subsequent 24 hours.

ockhi stormMuch damage is expected over Lakshadweep Islands with damage to power and communication lines due to breaking of tree branches and uprooting of large avenue trees. Storm surges of about 1 meter above astronomical tides very likely to inundate low lying areas of Lakshadweep Islands.

The met department further said that the system is very likely to intensify further during next 24 hours. It is very likely to continue to move west-northwestwards across Lakshadweep Islands during next 24 hours and then move north/ northeastwards during the subsequent 48 hours.

The Indian government said to expect “rainfall at most places with heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places and isolated extremely heavy falls (>20 cm) very likely over Lakshadweep area during next 24 hours and isolated heavy to very heavy falls during subsequent 24 hours.” It added that rainfall was possible at many places with heavy rainfall at isolated places and very likely over Kerala over the next 24 hours.



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