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Scuba diving facility on Udupi’s Kaup beach soon

UDUPI: The district administration and the Department of Tourism would be launching Scuba diving facility on the Kaup beach in Udupi district on November 12.

The provision of scuba diving facility is expected to give a major boost to tourism in the district, reports The Hindu.

The West Coast Adventures firm would be providing the scuba diving facility.

It will be provided at a small rocky islet, which is about 20 minutes by boat from the Kaup beach.

Anitha B.R., Assistant Director of Tourism, told The Hindu on Wednesday that expert instructors would guide the tourists in the scuba diving exercise. The scuba dive will be in specific areas near the islet. “Those who take the dive would be able to take a look at the rich marine life and soft corals,” she said.

Pawan Shourie, founder of West Coast Adventures, said that though the inauguration would be on Sunday, the scuba diving facility would be thrown open to the people on November 13.

The cost per person per 30-minute dive would be ₹ 3,500. But this would be an inaugural offer. The rates would be later re-fixed. The facility would be available throughout the week. The office of the firm would be located right next to the entrance of the Kaup beach.

“Non-certified divers would be taken to a depth of 12 metres under the sea, while certified divers would be taken to a depth of about 20 metres. All the instructors hired by the firm are certified and their antecedents have been checked,” he said.

Since it would take some time to know the response of the people to the scuba diving facility, in the initial stage, those interested would be taken in batches of five to six persons from the Kaup beach to the islet. Later, depending on the demand, the number of persons being taken would be increased.


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