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Scania metrolink service buses launched in Mumbai


Scania Commercial Vehicles India flagged off the first buses for SVLL Connect of Scania Metrolink Services in Mumbai on April 9. These buses will connect travelers from Mumbai to Surat and other destinations.The SVLL Connect range hopes to introduce a new level of performance, driveability and safety in the Indian market.

Mr.Anders Grundströmer, Managing Director Scania Commercial Vehicles India said, “This is an important milestone for the Scania Metrolink Luxury Intercity Coach. The commencement of SVLL Connect services using the Scania Metrolink, is a proof of concept, that what Scania has developed for India, is also well appreciated by India’s bus operators, as well as passengers.”

The Scania intercity bus range introduces highly reliable multi-purpose buses for medium and long distance luxury travel for the Indian traveller.  Grundströmer added that Scania products and services are known for their outstanding ‘Total Operating Economy’, including, low fuel economy and high uptime, as well as high residual value.


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