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A saviour for travel agents!

DELHI: With their revenues dwindling amidst a commission-squeeze by airlines, travel agents might have found a saviour in i-TOP (Indian travel agents own portal).

Launched by their representative body, IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI), the advance booking portal promises to bring them the much needed money, reports Hindu Business Line.

At present, airlines sell their products through different consolidators and portals such as MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip at an agreed special rate. On the other hand, i-Top will bring all consolidators or portals under one screen.

This helps in many ways. For instance, if an agent is using XYZ portal, he will get the pricing fixed by that portal management only. I-Top allows different OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to display and sell their product in one screen. If three OTA’s selling Emirates tickets are integrated to I-Top; the user will get all the three companies’ prices on one screen.

i-Top will facilitate consolidators, OTAs or even an agent sell their products through i-Top to the network users. The user agents will have the flexibility to display all such related services, compare quality, services, trustworthiness, pricing and remunerative benefits that will help him to promote products without any compromise.

“We are going to integrate all the services available in the air travel/tourism/hotel service/apartments, cruise package tours, and there will be flexibility for agents to find out viable products,” IAAI national president Biji Eapen said. I-Top will have wide range of products from different portals and other service providers. I-Top is the first portal in the world that works simultaneously on two platforms — airline and tourism products — through global distribution systems (GDS)-based Galileo and NDC (new distribution capability) via internet.

At a time when zero commission and stoppage of service fee for airline ticketing have impacted IATA agents, i-TOP provides them an opportunity to earn more either through airline ticket sales or any other transactions on ancillary services or other aviation/tourism related products, says Eapen. The industry, he said, is passing through a difficult phase, leading to a 30-40 per cent revenue drop. Many travel agents are surviving with tour packages alone and not with ticketing services.

“Our philosophy is simple. I-Top’s NDC platform is ready to promote zero-commission airlines, provided agents are adequately remunerated for selling products,” he added.


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