S Africa launches Gandhi circuit for tourists


South African Tourism has launched a new “Gandhi-inspired Tourist Attraction” project that identifies 13 places that were seminal in Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s tenure in the country.

“The Gandhi Inspired Tourist Attractions makes Mahatma’s South Africa accessible to people who want to understand how this country shaped his conscience, his service to humanity and his great contribution to world history,” said South African Tourism Chief Executive Officer Thulani Nzima.

Nzima was speaking at the launch of a project at Satyagraha House, a hotel which was once one of the homes Gandhi stayed in Johannesburg.

The guests at the hotel have the option of experiencing the simple lifestyle that Gandhi led or use more modern facilities at what is effectively a living museum.

Gandhi’s 21 years in South Africa saw him develop his Satyagraha principles and lead locals to oppose racial discrimination in the country before he returned to India to lead his home country to independence from British Colonialism.


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