Ryanair’s cheap tricks

Checking in a bag on Ryanair — which this summer costs anything from £25 to £160 for a one-way flight — could soar still higher, the airline’s chief executive has warned.

Michael O’Leary said he wants to halve the number of passengers checking in a bag from the present 20%. Eliminating checked-in bags cuts the fuel burn, reduces handling costs and speeds up turnarounds — essential to the low-cost business model. But the controversial Ryanair boss conceded: “We will never get rid of (hold) bags”.

O’Leary said making passengers pay to take baggage into the cabin is also a possibility: “At some point in the future I think it’s likely that airlines will do it.” At present the Eastern European budget carrier, Wizz Air, charges for anything bigger than a laptop bag, as does Spirit Airlines of the US.

Full report here Economic Times


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