Rural tourism: A new and fulfiling journey

Do you want to feed farm animals, harvest local fruits and vegetables, enjoy a meal with freshly caught fish, learn a new craft or even try your hand at making handicrafts? You have company, with tourists arriving in their droves from the US to partake of rural tourism in India.

Gour Kanjilal, Executive Director, Indian Association of Tour Operators, the apex body of tour operators in the country, told Business Line that tourists from North America were making a beeline to South India and the interiors of Maharashtra, to take in the rustic charm around the countryside.

“India has became cheaper due to the appreciation of the dollar versus the rupee. There is demand for experiential tourism from US tourists, as India abounds in such offerings in each state, but the main focus is on rural tourism experiences,” said Kanjilal.

Full report here Business Line 


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