Room addition at tourist spots slow in Guj

While the state government is aiming to see a 20% growth in tourists visiting Gujarat in 2013-14, growth of the number of hotel rooms at popular tourist locations is unlikely to keep pace with tourist inflow growth. Several tour operators in the state say that in the last few years, while there has been a significant rise in interest in Gujarat tourism thanks to the popular campaign Khushboo Gujarat Ki, addition of quality hotel rooms at tourist spots has been slow.

In the long run, such logistical issues can de-rail the Gujarat government’s ambitious plans for tourism growth, say operators. Data from the tourism ministry website shows that from January 2010 to December 2013, around 35 new hotel projects including even bed-and-breakfast inns, totalling around 2,300 rooms have been approved in Gujarat. In comparison, 296 hotel projects have been approved in Kerala, 130 in Maharashtra, 90 in Tamil Nadu, 68 in Uttar Pradesh during the same period.

Full report here Business Standard 


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