Road map to organise Majuli tourism industry

It’s already famous around the world for its uniqueness and rich socio-cultural heritage and regularly attracts tourists from the world over but the tourism industry on Majuli is far from being organised.

This is what the island administration is looking to correct through a comprehensive plan that is being prepared with the objective of promoting Majuli as a major tourist destination.

For starters, the administration is teaming up with the state tourism department to provide training to local youths in various facets of the business. While some youths will be trained as tourist guides, others will get lessons on sustainable activities like providing home-stay facilities to tourists and offering them traditional cuisine. Some will also get training on how to run adventure activities like boating and angling, among others.

Majuli sub-divisional officer (civil) Laya Madduri told The Telegraph that the administration had been holding discussions with all stakeholders of the sector to prepare a broad-based plan to boost tourism as well as generate economic activities, offering gainful employment to local youths.

Full report here Telegraph 


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