River Kallai continues to charm


Rivers play an important role in moulding the civilisation of a region. River Kallai in Kozhikode district is no exception and has an extensive history with its links with the foreign trade in the timber industry. Originating from Cherukulathur village in the district, Kallai flows through Kovur, Olavanna, Mankavu, Kallai, Pallikkandi and Kothi before meeting the Arabian Sea.

Growth of timber industry
All of 23 kilometers, the river once supported the growth of timber markets and sawmills in the region. As the saline water of the river provided extra strength to the timber, logs from different regions of the State were left to season in Kallai for several weeks or even months together. Hence, numerous timber mills dotted the banks and massive cranes lifting the logs were a familiar spectacle. Being the most prominent navigable waterway during the reign of Zamorins, Kallai was mainly used for transporting timber, hill produces and spices from Nilambur forest to the commercial port of Kozhikode.

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