Ride with a plant!

KOCHI: Next time when you hire an auto, chances are high that you may find plants adorning the interiors of the vehicle.

This unique green initiative has been mooted by P J Varghese, who works as an official with the tourist desk in Kochi, with an aim to create an environmental awareness by providing little pots of plants in autos of the city, reports The Times of India.

“We are distributing indoor plants potted in bamboo shoots to auto drivers in the city. Auto drivers will be given a nominal amount for maintaining the plant. However, most of the drivers – around 800 have already set potted plants in their autos – have refused to take the money as they are enthused about the idea personally,” said Varghese.

The potted plants are sponsored by various tourism-related organizations whose names will be carved in the bamboo shoot.

“We are planning to cover all of the approximately 8,000 autos plying in the city in a week,” said Varghese.

Sansevieria trifasciata is the plant that is mainly used in the pots, considering the minimal amount of sunlight and water needed for their maintenance.


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