Rich Indians want more exotic travel experiences

Despite global and domestic economic slowdown, high net worth Indians are not putting their travelling boots in storage. On the contrary,  as found by the recent, Kotak Wealth and Crisil Research, Top of the Pyramid 2013’, more affluent Indians than ever before are willing to splurge on their vacations.

Economic distress hasn’t ruffled the Indian holiday spirit. Kotak Wealth and Crisil Research, in their luxury report ‘Top of the Pyramid 2013’, say that the affluent Indian’s vacations plans have largely remained unchanged.

You concur. After all, your aunt’s second cousin recently went to Hawaii. Your neighbour has Spain and Arzak on his mind. Your boss just changed her Facebook cover photo. She was skiing in Gstaad last month. These sound fun but you don’t want that T-shirt that only suggests ‘expensive vacation’ —you would rather it said ‘unusual’. Yes, you are reading the right story.

Read full report here, Forbes


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