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Religious hub but not a tourist destination


“Radhey Radhey…,” shouts Basant Lal, a rickshaw-puller, as he manoeuvres through a congested bylane leading to the Bankey Bihari temple, one of the oldest temples in this religious town of Mathura. He does that often to alert the pedestrians and bystanders ahead. “Here, no one would shout at you rudely. They would all instead alert you in a style which is somewhat religious,” he says.

Basant’s sentiments are embedded in almost each and every citizen of this city. However, anyone seeing Mathura only through the prism of religion would be missing out on a lot. While it attracts hundreds and thousand of pilgrims every year, the city has several other facets to it, and craves for many facilities. Be it public transport, roads, water supply, pollution or employment, the city lacks the basics needed to turn this sole temple town in West UP into a tourist destination. Even the otherwise famous ‘peda’ is yet to be marketed properly. “It is its inherent quality that attracts people. Otherwise, there has been no effort by government to market the product,” says Rakesh Singh, a sweetmeat seller in Mathura.

Full report here Times of India


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