Rare antiquities unsafe in Sirpur

Thousands of antiquities, belonging to 6th century to 11 century AD, excavated from around the famous heritage site of Sirpur in Chhattisgarh, are kept in a small house located in an isolated area near the historic town, where it is now being guarded by an octogenarian archaeologist and his wife.

“These rare antiquities are nation’s treasure. It’s worth crores in the international market, but all my efforts to set up a museum in Sirpur to protect and display them seems to be going in vain, due to red attacks and ambivalent attitude of few officials concerned, ” veteran archaeologist and state’s archaeological advisor Arun Kumar Sharma told TOI.

“We have been receiving letters from Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), asking us to handover all the antiquities to the central organization. I feel that these antiquities need to be preserved and displayed at a museum at Sirpur itself. I have told ASI officials to construct a museum in Sirpur, so that these rare treasures could be kept there”, he added.

Full report here Times of India 


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