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Rajasthan to get 1 of 5 tourist circuits planned by centre


Rajasthan will get one of the five new tourist circuits that the NDA government is currently working on to give a boost to tourism, which figures on the priority list of prime minister Narendra Modi.

Tourism minister Shripad Naik, who was in the city for the ‘Jaipur by Nite’ event, organized by CII-Rajasthan, said that the Centre has allocated Rs 500 crore for the five new circuits which will come up at different locations in the country, says Times of India.

“The government will allocate Rs 100 crore for each circuit and one of the circuits will be in Rajasthan,” said Naik. However, he declined to share the destinations that will constitute the new circuit in the state and said the whole exercise is in the process and will be finalized in two months.

Modi has on several occasions said that the growth of tourism will create multiple economic activities that will benefit different sections of people.


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