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Rajasthan slips three places in tourism rankings


Rajasthan, famous for its tourist hotspots, has barely managed to keep its place in the top 10 tourist destinations with the state slipping three places on the domestic tourism arrivals- from the seventh rank in 2013 to 10th in 2014.

However, the state managed to hold its place on foreign tourism map, by staying at fifth position. According to data released by Union Ministry of Tourism, 33.1 million domestic tourists visited the desert state in 2014, up from 30.29 million in 2013, reports Indian Express.

While the state witnessed a rise in absolute numbers in 2014, its rank fell to 10 as it was trumped by surprise entrant Jharkhand, which debuted on the top ten list at number 9, a significant gain compared to the previous year when it was ranked 14.

Rajasthan’s place on the chart was taken by Madhya Pradesh, which, despite an impressive advertisement campaign, slipped a place from rank 6 to 7 in 2014.

Rajasthan saw 1.53 million foreign tourists visiting the state last year, up from 1.43 million in 2013. On the foreign tourist front, it managed to hold on to its position, 5th, among the top ten.


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