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Rajasthan to promote agritourism

JAIPUR: Rajasthan government has decided to promote agritourism vigorously. The convergence of tourism and agriculture will not only support the farmer with additional revenue and better sustainability, but also create multiplier effect on employment generation, says a report on agri-tourism in Rajasthan prepared by FICCI and Yes Bank.

It says the opportunity holds immense potential due to its cost effective nature, demand for family-oriented recreation environment, growing curiosity about farming, and increased focus on promoting environmental consciousness, reports The Times of India.

According to the report, development of agri-tourism goes in hand with the development of infrastructure in rural areas. The report says that last mile connectivity to the remotest areas is extremely important and crucial for the success of this venture. Better connectivity attracts tourism to the remotest places. Rapid expansion and integration of the network/facilities across urban and rural areas should be pursued.

As road connectivity attracts tourists, better communication infrastructure helps to extend tourist stay at one location. Besides availability of water and electricity, sanitation facilities should conform to best practices, these are essential to the success of the venture, it said. Integrating agri-tourism with various sources of renewable energy will further facilitate to expand the tourism activities in the region.

The report suggests “link agri-tourism with the existing tourism destinations that are very popular and thereby making them an extension of the travel itinerary. This enables for a more comprehensive offering to tourists and helps these destinations capitalize on each other’s strengths and benefits.”


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