Railways mull elctric trains between cities

To increase the average speed and comfort of passengers, the Railways should use train-sets, or electrical multiple units in the intercity segment, a Ministry official said. At present, trains in the intercity segment are hauled by locomotives or engines.

Such trains, which are already being used in the metro services, will help save travel time by three hours on a 1,440-km route— New Delhi-Howrah segment, for instance — by 17.5%. Moreover, the incremental money spent on these can be recovered in under five years, even if entire train sets are imported.

To get these train-sets, the Railways can simply order them through international competitive bidding or by producing them at rail coach factories on an LHB platform (used in Rajdhani and Shatabdi), R.K. Bhatnagar, Adviser-Electrical, Railway Board, said, while presenting his paper on low-cost solutions of high-speed rail. The paper was jointly authored by Jaideep, Director, Electrical Engineering.

Read the full report here, Business Line


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