Private operators fleece Tirupati pilgrims

Pilgrims, who arrived in Tirupati on Tuesday, were in for a rude shock. A staggering Rs 300 from the railway station to Alipiri checkpost and from there, another Rs 200 or more to reach the Lord’s abode! That was the fallout of RTC employees’ strike, the first such protest in over three decades, in the temple town. The TTD and district police made efforts to come to the rescue of the pilgrims but it wasn’t just enough. By night, however, following talks with the authorities, the RTC employees agreed to resume services to Tirumala.

60 buses started plying from Tirupati to Tirumala around 10 p.m. All services are likely to be resumed Wednesday.

Usually, the RTC operates its services on the Tirumala ghat road from 3 a.m and pilgrims, arriving at night, wait until 3 a.m to catch a bus or any other vehicle. Early Monday, the pilgrims found themselves in a quandry as private operators sought to cash in on the “opportunity.”

Full report here New Indian Express


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