Pricing stimulation, dual fleet strategy works for us: Spicejet COO


spicejet-sanjivkapoor-thA day after SpiceJet reported profit for the second straight quarter, its chief operating officer Sanjiv Kapoor said ” pricing stimulation” as well as dual fleet strategies are working for the airline.

His comments on July 30 come against the backdrop of concerns over the airline’s frequent discounted ticket sales and whether such an approach would be financially viable in the long run, reports Economic Times.

“Pricing stimulation that started in 2014 continues for a reason: It works! Keeping RASK (Revenue Per Available Seat Kilometre) at 2014 levels in 2015 conditions is not easy!” Kapoor tweeted.

The airline, which was on the verge of closure late last year, has reported a net profit of Rs 72 crore in the three months ended June 2015. In the year-ago period, it had a net loss of Rs 124.1 crore.


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