Postcards from Pápa


The streets of Pápa, a historical town of Hungary

What does the Itinerant Indian do when a fluctuating rupee threatens to dampen his holiday spirit? He simply changes his flight plan. Instead of the usual suspects — central and western Europe and the US — he now takes trips to hitherto unexplored countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Data suggests that around 30 per cent Indian travellers have opted for unconventional destinations during this year, compared to 20 per cent last year. The top draws have been Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Canary Islands, Chile, Zimbabwe, Reunion Islands, Croatia, Estonia, Fiji and Argentina.

According to Nicholas Lim, president (Asia), Trafalgar, a Geneva-headquartered travel service provider, there is a shift strongly visible in the Indian market. Indians no longer wanted to visit 10 cities in 10 days, rather they wanted to spend a lot more days in one country.

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