Post Diwali air chokes Ludhiana

As a huge quantity of pollutants have permeated the air during Diwali, and since rain has not occurred in the city to dissipate these pollutants, it has resulted in a spurt in cases of viral fever and other infections. Specialists say they have witnessed a huge jump in the number of cases of viral fever and respiratory problems, which are directly related to high pollution levels. On Diwali night, the level of pollution in the city – as indicated by RSPM (Respiratory Suspended Particulate Matter) – was measured at 505 micrograms per metric cube in commercial areas, and 335 for residential areas, which was several times higher than the normal permissible limits of around 100.

Says Dr Gurpreet Singh, senior consultant of pulmonary medicine at SPS Apollo Hospital: “On Wednesday, I got 35 cases of respiratory problems, and yesterday, the number was 45, which is three times more than the routine number of cases in a day. Similarly, we are getting 25-30 cases of viral fever each day, which is 4-5 times more than other routine days. The main cause of the spurt in these cases is high pollution levels on Diwali, which have not really reduced. The air pollutants are making life miserable for people by causing respiratory problems. We are even seeing non-asthmatic patients complain of dry cough.”

Full report here Times of India


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