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Pollachi’s coconut plantations turn tourist hotpots


With their income from farming taking a hit, farmers in Pollachi are looking for alternative sources of income and are choosing to market the pleasant climate, gurgling river and back-to-the-land experience of living on a farm. Luxury resorts have sprung up in midst of coconut plantations and farms in Pollachi.

Tourists get a chance to tend to the livestock, care for the animals and get a feel of farming. A number of farmers have turned their house into affordable homestays and hotels. Some have stretched themselves to offer adventure sports in Pollachi.

“We got the idea from Hindi and Tamil movies that showcased the beauty of lush green fields, rustic village charm and serene mountain ranges,” said T Sethupati, managing director, Coco Lagoon Resort in Vazhaikombu Nagoor near Pollachi. Pollachi’s green paddy fields and coconut farms have been a favourite destination for film directors for years.

Full report here Times of India


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