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Video: Modi rocks NYC with ‘Namaste’


Narendra Modi is truly rocking it in New York. He is probably the first Indian (and perhaps the world’s) Prime Minister to talk to New York from the dias of a music concert starring the likes Carrie Underwood and No Doubt. He spoke to a thousands-strong, mostly American, crowd that had gathered for the “Global Citizen Festival” in Central Park.

Modi was introduced by actor Hugh Jackman on stage and described as someone who started as a “tea salesman” and went on to become chief minister of Gujarat and then Prime Minister of India with a huge mandate. Keeping true to his personality, Modi said that he would rather talk to the youth in an open park than inside a closed conference room

“Because you are the future. What you do today, will decide our tomorrow. I feel a current of hope in this park. Among you, I feel confident about the future,” he said amidst much applause.


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