Plea to free airport from Navy’s control

Repairs on the runways from January 1 to 16 has forced SpiceJet to reschedule its operations.

No new airline will come to Vizag, if this kind of attitude of uncertainty is shown after promising 24/7 operations from January 1, Advisory Board Member of Airports Authority of India O. Naresh Kumar said. He felt that the Navy could have taken up the repairs much before the New Year. This attitude of the Navy is hindering the progress of the city.

Mr. Naresh Kumar, on behalf of Vizag Development Council, sought that the Navy should be asked to build a new airport at their new base at Rambilli and handover the present airport to the AAI. He expressed the view that the airport could grow only if it was freed from defence control and appealed to all MPs and MLAs of the region to take up the issue on priority.

Full report here Hindu


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