Pilgrimage tourism hit in Tirupati

Tourism forms the backbone of the economy of the temple town, which can be gauged by the burgeoning travel and hospitality industry.

The fortnight-long agitation, which reached a flashpoint with the bandh call on Tuesday, gave a serious jolt to Tirupati’s tourism industry, what with the inflow plummeting to rock-bottom. Most hotels are concentrated around the APSRTC central bus station and railway station areas, forming the city’s core area, which has now turned deserted. Several hotels failed to register even a third of the booking they used to get in normal days.

The last weekend, tagged with Ramzan holiday, turned out to be a silver-lining, when the inflow was relatively steady. “The ‘muhurthams’ witnessed during the last three days also helped us get business to some extent”, explained A.Ravishankar Reddy, general manager of Hotel Bliss.

Full report here Hindu


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