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Pesky hawkers hack into privacy of tourists

Hello, want sarong? Head massage? Tattoo? Laser-pen? Professional ear-cleaning, only 500? The list of services offered by the swelling army of hawkers on Goa’s beaches is endless, but for international tourists, the peace and calm they seek during a vacation in Goa, has ended.

Hassled by persistent hawkers , European tourists have taken to the internet to pour out their woes on popular travel sites like tripadvisor. A few, like Irishman Brian Connelly have even sent numerous e-mail complaints to the state tourism and police departments. “I received no response from any of the authorities; it’s as though they do not believe this menace is going to affect tourism,” says a frustrated Connelly, who justifies his ‘image-damaging’ blogs on the internet.

Full report here Times of India 


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