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The Montra Tour of Nilgiris was to encourage more people to take up cycling more seriously

Eighty one cyclists (seven women and 10 international riders), recently sped through Coimbatore’s busy roads, dodging honking vehicles, busy pedestrians and curious chai-wallahs. They were returning after having cycled up the Nilgiris from Bangalore over a gradient of 1,200 meters. They negotiated 36 hairpin bends, and spent a day in the hills, covering 97 kms. They are part of the Montra Tour of Nilgiris 2014, organised by Bangalore based Ride-A-Cycle Foundation. They cycled to Palakkad from here where they rested for a day before proceeding to Munnar, where they wound up their eight-day long cyclothon.

Coimbatore came on the fourth day of their journey. “This has been the ride of a life time,” said Misha Gill from Bangalore. “It rained while we were riding in Ooty. It was beautiful.”

The water falls, flowers, mist-capped mountains… the vistas were overwhelming, said Ganesh Kumar from Coimbatore, a software professional working in California. “I had to stop near the waterfall and to enjoy a minute of silence.” “This is the first time that I am visiting these areas on my cycle. Nilgiris is one of the most beautiful cycling terrains in the country.”


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