Peaceful homecoming

Pravasi Friend, a recently launched organisation, provides all the services required by the NRI on their busy vacations at home

We all have NRI friends and relatives who come home for brief holidays, pay their relatives whirlwind visits and occasionally complain about the many local tasks to be accomplished before they return. These tasks can range from the payment of bills and taxes to real estate matters such as the buying of property. With the exodus to foreign lands being a never-ending phenomenon, two city-based individuals have decided to provide a helping hand to the harried NRIs so that they may enjoy a break in peace.

Taxes to bill payments
S. Manoj and P.R. Ganesh are the men in question, who have teamed up and co-founded Pravasi Friend, an organisation that provides all services required by non-residents short on time. “Our clients can save themselves the hassle of standing in line to pay bills or running around to organise events or scout for property. We take all such problems out of their hands,” says Ganesh.

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