Panic as sea surges forward by 10 m at Vizag

The fishermen in the city were panic-struck, while the government officials and environmentalists were sent into a tizzy when the seawater came forward by 9-10 metre at RK Beach Saturday.

Even as the academicians and environmentalists struggled hard to study the reasons behind the swelling of the sea, high intensity waves surged forward and eroded the coast apart from causing severe damage to the retaining wall of the Kursura submarine museum premises. The sea was very violent and waves up to 10-12 feet high were reported near the beach over the last three-four days.

On Saturday, the morning walkers at RK Beach were shocked to find that the sea surged forward and even hit the retaining wall of the Kursura submarine museum premises causing severe damage to it. The colour of seawater also was turning red in the last couple of days. The coastline stretching for about 500 metre got eroded as high tides were hitting the shore.

Full report here New Indian Express


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