‘Panel negotiating compensation for grounded 787s’


Air India has set-up a sub-panel to negotiate with Boeing the issue of compensation for losses suffered by the airline due to the grounding of the B787Dreamliner aircraft following incidents of battery fires, RajyaSabha was informed today. 

Minister of State for Civil Aviation, KC Venugopal, in his reply to a written question said that Air India had to incur additional direct or indirect expenditures due to temporary grounding of the 787 fleet. 

“Air India has to incur… an extra expenditure of Rs 60 lakh per day approximately, due to substitution of other aircraft on the 787 route and an extra cost on account of aircraft financing, cost of maintenance of pilots, etc. amounting to Rs 1.43 crore per day approximately,” Venugopal said. 

Full report here Economic Times 


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