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On eve of season, tourism is nobody’s child

From Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in Europe to a trance music label in San Francisco, from a company launching fashion brands in Milan to a cosmetics line run by a Mexican-born artist in Ottawa and Los Angeles, ‘Brand Goa’ is making a million dollars for international businesses and products across the world. Meanwhile, the state of Goa-from where the inspiration originated-is still struggling to define its brand image.

The Fall
A recent report last month showed that data released by the Union tourism ministry declared that Goa was not even in the top 20 states in India for domestic tourist arrivals. It has also fallen from the list of top 10 destinations attracting foreign tourists. In fact, even states like Bihar have beaten Goa in the growth of foreign tourist arrivals in the last two years.

Full report here Times of India 


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