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Appikonda: Of picnics of a different kind


The cool balmy days of November herald the picnic season of ‘Karthika Masam’. But with most weekend picnic spots in the neighbourhood yet to recover from the Hudhud cyclone impact, picnickers are left with little choice. However, this hasn’t stopped them from exploring newer camping spots, reports Hindu.

One such secluded piece of virgin beach is at Appikonda. A small fishing village situated at a distance of about 20 kilometres from Vizag, Appikonda offers solitude amidst a beautiful natural setting. Traces of the cyclone impact can be seen enroute, especially when crossing the Vizag Steel Plant area. A narrow pathway leading to the right, bordering the Steel Plant, leads to this neat stretch of beach. This place acquired religious importance due to the existence of the Shiva Temple here. The temple contains inscriptions of 12th century A.D. and during Shivaratri and Kartika Pournami, when scores of devotees come here from different parts of the region, the temple is decorated with hundreds of lamps.


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