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Now, tamper proof taxis in Kolkata


Do you fret that you’ll end up paying more than the actual meter reading whenever you board a taxi? Don’t any longer, assures the transport department. Over the last three months, the public vehicles department (PVD), which manages the Kolkata Municipal Area and Salt Lake, has calibrated 93% of the 18,601 taxi meters.

“Majority of the taxis would now show the exact fare on the computerized meter with thermal printer facility. So a passenger must ask for the fare printout. Even if a passenger leaves behind his or her valuables or luggage in a cab, it will be easier to locate the vehicle with the help of the printout,” said a Public Vehicles Department (PVD) officer.┬áThe PVD has already calibrated 17,274 taxis, with only 1,327 left to be done.

During this process of calibration, the PVD found a large number of taxis running on tampered meter. Each of these cabbies was slapped with a fine of Rs 3,000. During this technical enforcement, PVD earned Rs 9 lakh as penalty alone for tampering with meters.

Also, on October 31, the fare rates were revised by the government. According to the revised fare table, for the first two kilometres, the fare is Rs 25, subsequently it is Rs 12 per kilometre. The transport department is setting up a control room with a dedicated helpline to redress the issues of taxi refusal and suspected faulty meters.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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