Now, Four Seasons opens a hotel in the sky!


Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst
The Four Seasons Jet

Four Seasons is set to give a whole new meaning to “flying in luxury” with a Four Seasons jet complete with luxury and service that the brand is known for. Expect hand-crafted leather flatbed seats by aerospace Italian designer Iacobucci, hand-woven woolen carpeting, fine tableware, cosy Mongolian cashmere blankets, the flight also has is the best in luxury.

The flight has its own staff including an executive chef, a sous chef, a Four Seasons concierge and a global guest services manager. Chef Kerry Sear says: “Our aim is to recreate the hotel experience on the Four Seasons Private Jet, which means creating innovative meals using fresh ingredients, served on the finest tableware and linens, all with impeccable Four Seasons service.

Here is a video for a sneak peak.



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