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Now book tickets with premium Tatkal for train travel


First there was Tatkal. Then came Premium Specials. Now there is Premium Tatkal.

From October 1, the Indian Railways has introduced a new concept of dynamic pricing that is burning holes in the pockets of passengers who are forced to travel on emergency. Take the case of a party of three who had to travel to Bangalore urgently immediately after the Pujas. They travelled by sleeper class (SL) on the 12863 Howrah-Yeswantpur Express and each ticket cost Rs 3,100. The normal SL fare up to Yeswantpur is Rs 740 and a Tatkal ticket
costs Rs 915.

“This is a new concept. Zonal railways have been granted permission to introduce dynamic Tatkal pricing on select trains, depending on the rush. This is similar to airfares. The ticket prices go up as the demand increases. If somebody purchases a Tatkal ticket 20 hours before the departure of the train, he will have to pay a certain sum. Someone who books a ticket a couple of hours later will have to pay higher if the demand is high. If the last-minute demand isn’t high, the Premium Tatkal scheme won’t apply,” a senior Railway Board official explained.

While the railways claims that this scheme will help end the tout raj, passengers aren’t convinced. Passengers feel that such dynamic pricing may be all right for air travel but pinches hard for those who are forced to travel by train.

Read the full report at Times of India


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