Noida’s ‘Dream Park’ fails to attract tourism

Owing to lack of proper amenities and marketing, the much-awaited ‘Dalit Prerna Sthal’ or ‘Dream Park’ which was expected to break the ice in tourism industry of Noida has failed miserably. It has unable to generate even its running cost, informed government authorities.

“While it was expected that tickets would sell like hot cakes, only a few hundred have been sold yet, even though over 10,000 visitors were expected last week,” informed a Noida Authority official on the condition of anonymity. The officer went on to add, “On October 3, only 378 tickets were sold. Last fortnight, a better response was witnessed and on Sundays around 2,500 people visited the park in October.” Official said the ‘Dream Park’ was unable to generate revenue required for maintenance.

Full report here Economic Times


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