No takers for amphitheatre at Bhavani Island

The structure was recently inaugurated by Chandana Khan

The long-awaited amphitheatre at Bhavani Island is finally ready for use but there seems to be no takers.

Special Chief Secretary, Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Chandana Khan, recently inaugurated the structure, which took almost a decade for it to acquire its final shape, but now stands unused.

The primary purpose of the project was to entertain the visitors by organising musical nights and other cultural events on weekends. “We tried attracting people by hosting cultural programmes for about two weeks. But there seem to be no takers. The distance of the island from the city is perhaps what keeps the crowds at bay. An attempt to lure local residents in the nearby areas also did not yield the desired result,” laments T. Baboji, the Divisional Manager of the APTDC.

Full report here Hindu


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