It happens only in India

No sight-seeing, only hunt for cash!

CHENNAI: With cash availability in banks and ATMs still an issue, many people are actually thinking twice before they travel.

Industry sources say that as almost every other sector, travel and tourism too has been affected by demonetisation move, reports The Hindu.

For tourists, exchanging devalued notes has been difficult. P.G. Parma, a retired forest officer from Gujarat, who is on an all-India tour as part of a 45-member group, had a tough time exchanging Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes.

“Even buying a cup of tea became a big problem. Everyone in our group had money, but we haven’t been able to exchange it for smaller denominations,” he said.

Tourists have had to wait for long hours at ATMs and banks to exchange notes, he said.

“But the money exchanged for Rs. 2,000 or Rs. 2,500 is insufficient. Though we have a cook travelling with us, buying groceries is a challenge,” he added.

A group of Ayyappa devotees from Tiruvannamalai have been in a similar situation.

“We had to wait for three hours at the ATM this morning to get money. All we have is Rs. 2,000 notes. We will have to bulk buy or eat at the same restaurant to make use of these high-value notes,” said N. Ashokan, a devotee.

However, some women tourists from Karnataka said they had faced no problems as they had had brought smaller value notes from home.

In Kancheepuram, sale of silk saris has been affected despite this being the wedding season.

Most of the sale in the temple town, known for its silk industry, is in cash. People from other States who come to the town have not been in at all.

A source in the silk industry said that people were afraid to spend heavily on silk.


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