NIA registers case against jeweller in Jet hijack case

The National Investigation Agency has registered a case under the Anti Hijacking Act against the person who had planted a threat note in a Jet Airways flight recently. The case was taken over by the NIA from the Gujarat police.

Jeweller Birju Kishore Salla had allegedly planted a note about hijackers and a bomb in the toilet of a Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight on October 30.

This was the first arrest under the Act which came into force in July 2017, replacing the 1982 vintage law, according to which an accused can face a maximum punishment of life imprisonment till death and his properties can be confiscated, police said.

The man who allegedly planted a threat note on a Jet Airways flight wanted the airline to shut down.

He felt that if the airline shuts down, then his girlfriend working in the Delhi office of the company would leave her job and stay with him in Mumbai.

“Salla is a multi-millionaire jeweller, having a flat in a posh locality of Mumbai. He is originally from Dedan village of Amreli district,” the police official said.

“The accused had planted the note with an intention to close down Jet Airways so that his girlfriend working in the Delhi-based office of the airline would leave her job and come to stay with him in Mumbai,” Bhatt said.

He said the accused had earlier complained of finding a cockroach in the food served on Jet Airways flight.


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